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Hi I’m Simon a corporate travel expert with over 25 years of industry experience.

Post University and after an elite sport career, I fell into the travel industry by working at the
airport for Qantas. A few years later, that led to me starting with Flight Centre and I’ve spent the
past 25 years working in FCTG brands on and off. In my time at FCTG I have worked in all
aspects of the business, from retail to procurement to GM leadership roles.

Most of my 25 years was spent with Corporate Traveller in both Boston USA and Brisbane
(19Years). Having worked across two countries, I have been fortunate enough to have dealt with
customers in all manners of industries and business growth trajectories – pharma, tech,
education, finance, mining, NFPs, to give a few examples.

In an imperfect world and a very imperfect industry – I felt it was finally time to set up my own
business with the support of 1000 Mile Travel brand.

This will allow me to look after my customers using the values and philosophies that have
allowed me to succeed over the past 25+years, providing a service developed through
communication, partnership and understanding. While technology is important, having a true
partner that understands the nature of your business is more important in achieving mutually
beneficial outcomes.

If you would like to partner with a passionate, experienced Travel Expert that will be able to
deliver outcomes for your business and be available to you rather than being on hold to a call
centre then please reach out for further information.

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