Laura Davis

Travel Expert

Hello, I’m Laura, one of 1000 Mile Travel Group’s dedicated Travel Experts.

As a travel expert with over 25 years experience, I am now running a flexible and versatile travel business in partnership with 1000 Mile Travel Group.

My background is a specialisation in dealing with corporate arrangements, and you won’t find anyone else with the level of experience and knowledge I can provide.

What sets me apart from other travel agents is my genuine interest and excitement for your travelling life, be it for business or leisure. I want to see you take your adventure to the next level, and hear about your journey when you return. Having this attitude and approach allows for a better working relationship, and gives me a much better understanding of what you really want to experience when you’re here in Australia or travelling abroad.

If you are looking to get the most out of your travel, allow me to introduce myself as an experienced and reliable travel expert.

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    Perth, Western Australia


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