Jo Houston

Travel Expert

Hi, I’m Jo, one of 1000 Mile Travel Group’s dedicated Travel Experts.

I’m a corporate travel expert with over 15 years experience in the travel industry, having worked in corporate, leisure and wholesale fields over the years.

I moved into the corporate sector in London for American Express Business Travel and was awarded as one of the UK’s top corporate agents. 

Leisure Travel has also always been close to my heart. I have travelled to 40 countries across 5 continents and seen this world in the purest and most beautiful form. I have also worked in a previous role as a ‘Regional Sales Manager for the Scenic Group of Cruises and Tours.’ To be able to pass my experiences and love for travel onto my customers is very rewarding and will always treat the recommendations and service I give as if it was my own experience making sure I am asking the right questions.

Upon returning to Australia, I’ve found great success in leadership, business development and account management roles. I have worked with an array of clients across different industries such as defence, mining, exports, engineering and technology. There’s a high chance I’ve experienced and worked through the roadblocks you might be running into with your current travel program. Let’s fix that.

I take pride in my strong work ethic and ability to use my problem-solving skills to meet clients’ specific needs. I draw on my wealth of knowledge and experience across the industry to deliver a tailored and personalised service that adds value to your travel, while still always trying to understand the nature of your business and how you travel. I combine this with the most widely used and advanced travel technology in the Australasian market, to ensure flexibility, transparency and service delivery. 

Find me here at 1000 Mile Travel Group, and together we’ll fix the way you travel.

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