Jess Zacker

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Hello, I’m Jess, one of 1000 Mile Travel Group’s dedicated Travel Experts.

My business draws on 13 years experience to tailor-make travel solutions for your business. Every business is unique and requires a different approach, but what you will always get from me is personalised service, knowledge and value for money. I will ask the right questions to ensure you get the correct result.

Over the years, my ability to think outside the square and on my feet has resulted in significant savings for clients, while also keeping into account the expectations and demands of the modern day business traveller and their preferences. How would you like to save $2500 on a Business Class flight and get better connections? It’s happened before – and it can happen regularly with the right travel program and my guidance.

I am also experienced in Conference/Group Travel, currently running all of Rugby SA’s travel amongst others. In regards to conferences; I ask the right questions to be able to provide companies the most suitable suggestions available. I take the hard work that often puts pressure on businesses and redirect it away from their concern; organising their travel plans and freeing up countless hours of time. Attention to detail and communication is very important in this field, and both of these crucial traits are reflected in myself and my business.

Leisure Travel has always been close to my heart, with over 10 years working in a holiday focused environment. Being a part of someone’s dream holiday is very satisfying and I treat it like my own, tailoring it very specifically to what my client is looking for.

Experience, passion, attention to detail & tailored approach.

This is Jess Zacker.


Corporate Travel

Leisure Travel

Group Travel

Jess is my go to travel expert. She has extensive travel knowledge and can save any business traveller a lot of time and energy by taking care all travel needs. I won’t ever book myself a flight again after getting help from Jess!

Sam Daynes

CEO, Ardento

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