Jemma Thompson

Travel Expert

Hello, I’m Jemma, one of 1000 Mile Travel Group’s dedicated Travel Experts.

I’ve been travelling for a long time, and this quickly developed into a passion I wanted to pursue in my every-day.

Over the years, I’ve been to over 50 countries, lived on different sides of the world, and have spent the last 15+ years working in what I consider to be one of the most incredible and fast-evolving industries.

My clients always get a seamless travel booking experience. I find them incredible deals on a consistent basis and aim to utilise their points as efficiently as possible in every travel plan we formulate. I have helped my clients with a range of exciting journeys that they wouldn’t have found without my help. I listen to their dreams, and turn them into reality.

Working at a boutique mobile agency like 1000 Mile allows me access to plenty of attracting deals and benefits that you won’t find on the internet. Booking travel is my expertise, so why not ask me for help with your next adventure?

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