Ivona Siniarska

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Hi, I’m Ivona, one of 1000 Mile Travel Group’s dedicated Travel Experts.

I was born in Poland and moved to Canada at the age of four. Regular trips back to Europe fuelled my lifelong passion for travel, discovery and exploration.

I have since been to 80 countries across the planet with a goal to reach 100 within the next decade.

I have worked in the travel industry in Canada and Australia for over 15 years and have also started a luxury tour operator – Take Off Go. I’m proud to offer my clients greater travel opportunities and luxury experiences in some of the most remote and magical places on earth.

My favourite destination is Africa, which I have visited several times and see it as a second home. There is no feeling that will ever surpass the adrenaline rush of seeing a lion in the wild!

My most memorable experiences include climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, walking the Inca Trail, close encounters with a silverback gorilla in the wild, toasting the Colosseum by moonlight, sailing the waters of the Adriatic, camping out in the Sahara, visiting the Seven Wonders of the World and witnessing the Great Migration in East Africa.

I am excited to now be running my own business in partnership with 1000 Mile Travel Group and be bringing the magic of travel to my fellow travellers.

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I travel… a lot. And having managed it myself for years at first, then using a corporate chain for a while, I’ve never experienced anything like working with Ivona at 1000 Mile Travel. Every detail is thought about. Nothing is too big or small of an ask. Ivona has ruined me for other travel agents permanently… and I love her for it!

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