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Hi, I’m Emily, one of 1000 Mile Travel Group’s dedicated Travel Experts.

Travelling for me started before I could remember, and it’s quickly evolved into the love affair I know today.

I have visited some truly amazing places over the years. Nepal, India, Europe, USA, Japan and the South Pacific are just a handful of my favourite destinations.

I have a love for adventure and exploring different cultures, and I love discovering that same passion in my clients. The seamless experience my clients receive through booking with me is something I’m incredibly proud of. I help them from beginning to end, and I recognise that my clients are busy people. It’s my objective to help alleviate their workload and make sure they know that their travel requirements are taken care of. You could be that next special client I help.

At 1000 Mile Travel Group, we believe in a supportive, fun & nurturing environment for our people to do what they love.

What do we love? Travel.

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