Dave Burt

Travel Expert

Hello, I’m Dave, one of 1000 Mile Travel Group’s dedicated Travel Experts.

With over 13 years experience in leisure and corporate travel, I craft experiences for each and every client. Most importantly, I help create the perfect journey by talking with you about the experience you’re after—not at you.

I primarily work in the St George District & the Sutherland Shire, but being a mobile Travel Expert at 1000 Mile means that I can be anywhere, anytime. Whether you want to sit down for a coffee and have a quick one-on-one, or if you’re only after a 5-minute chat on the phone about your plans for next week, it doesn’t matter. What matters is someone that listens to your story, and helps you figure out the next chapter you’re ready to write.

To me, travel means community. Social connection is incredibly important, and it’s made even easier now with the rise of the Internet. This is my instrument of success when answering your travel needs. Things are changing, and I’m here to make it simple.

Aside from the fantastic friends I’ve made during my years in the travel world, the network I’ve built has provided me with some amazing partnerships and unique offers. With access to some of the most dynamic airfare pricing in the industry, extensive travel knowledge and a deep understanding crafted from experiencing over 40 countries in my own travels, your journey’s just begun.

Whether it’s a business trip, a high-end cruise or a ‘no-strings-attached’ trek, I can help.

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