Hello, I’m Nicola Veltman, Executive Director of 1000 Mile Travel Group.

Travelling for me started before I can remember and quickly grew into the love affair I know today. So far, I have been fortunate enough to visit over 50 countries, live on different sides of the world and work in what I consider one of the most exciting and rapidly changing industries for over 10 years.

Here at 1000 Mile Travel Group, we provide a supportive, fun and nurturing environment for our people to do what they love – and that’s book travel!

1000 mile offers our team opportunities to work from home, at our huge open office space or from a beach or cafe on the other side of the world. The advantage of working with us is that you become a business owner. This means that you have the flexibility and autonomy to run your portfolio of accounts as you see fit, while having the training, sales, marketing and operational support from our head office team. Our promise to you is that we have, and always will have, a lean support structure. This means that if you need technology to win a new client, extra training or external collateral then we will work alongside you to ensure you have all of the tools you need. Our model is set up to ensure that you, as a consultant, earn more.