Harness the power of our cutting-edge technology suite for your travel program
Travel Technology
Travel Technology
Travel Technology

Harness the power of our cutting-edge technology suite for your travel program

Harness the power of our cutting-edge technology suite for your travel program

Harness the power of our cutting-edge technology suite for your travel program

Harness the power of our cutting-edge technology suite for your travel program

Harness the power of our cutting-edge technology suite for your travel program

Harness the power of our cutting-edge technology suite for your travel program

Travel Smarter

It’s important to have the right people behind your travel technology system, and we’re proud to have some of the brightest travel tech people in the industry supporting our clients.

At 1000 Mile Travel, we have seen how technology has revolutionised the Australian corporate travel industry in the last 5 years, and have strategically built our model with future technology changes and flexibility in mind. We have delicately combined state-of-the-art technology platforms and automation with dedicated service to provide the right balance of personalisation and productivity.

We offer our clients a choice between two market-leading online booking tools – Serko Online/Zeno, and Travelport Locomote. Both of our online booking tools include free mobile applications for travellers and approvers. Our clients can also build HR system traveller profile feeds, set up automatic profile creation for new staff and access single sign on functionality. We can also integrate into most expense management systems (EMS).

While Serko and Travelport Locomote are supported globally, these tools are based in Australasia. By engaging with locally developed booking platforms, we can ensure that our technology suite prioritises updates and industry changes in the Australian region first. Instead of waiting for US or European-based software to adapt to changes in the Australian market, with us you can rest assured that your travel technology is cutting edge.

Booking Tools

At 1000 Mile Travel, you receive a choice of booking platforms – New Zealand-owned Serko or Australian-owned Locomote. These tools can be tailored to suit your business requirements (such as policy compliance and approval processes).

Safe & Secure

In the unlikely event of an incident in Australia or abroad you can have peace of mind that your Travel Expert will proactively work with you to locate and accommodate any affected staff. Our clients also have the ability to run reports showing you exactly where your staff are travelling at any given time with the click of a button.

Analytics & Reporting

As a 1000 Mile Travel customer, you receive a choice of reporting platforms – Tramada BI Reporting or Travel Analytics, which both provide slightly different options depending on what your data format needs are. At its core, our reporting suite allows you to accurately forecast and reconcile the cost of business travel in your company.

Training & Support

At 1000 Mile, we support our customers by providing initial and ongoing technology training to your travellers, bookers and finance teams either in person at your offices or via video link.


Are you using spreadsheets to book, track, expense or reconcile your travel? Combine the power of a booking, reporting and expense platform and let our technology do the hard work for you.


As a 1000 Mile Travel customer, you can book and view your travel itinerary through the Serko App, or simply text or call your Travel Expert directly for speedy assistance with bookings or amending your travel plans.

Serko Online & Zeno

Serko is the most widely used online booking tool in Australia and New Zealand. At 1000 Mile, we build, maintain and operate two versions of the platform – Serko Online and Serko Zeno. Serko Zeno is a premium business platform for travel and expense management. Zeno’s booking experience combines content from a range of sites with corporate compliance and provides personalised itineraries based on travellers’ policies, profiles, preferences and previous booking behaviour. Serko Zeno caters for all levels of expertise – the simplified, intuitive process provides intelligent user assistance from beginning to end.

Travelport Locomote

Locomote is a brilliantly simple corporate travel platform that empowers travel managers to drive change in program efficiencies. More than an online booking tool, Locomote’s range of modular workflows and features consolidate the entire travel lifecycle. Locomote also facilitates embedded approvals, online messaging, live chat as well as risk modules specifically developed for the Australian corporate sector. With Travelport Locomote, users can capture data across the entire booking, travel and post-travel process to receive better insights into their spend and policy compliance.

Reporting & Analytics

At 1000 Mile Travel Group we use market leading reporting and analytics tools to create bespoke corporate travel reporting solutions. Our informative and user-friendly dashboards are designed to deliver accurate insights into the performance of your company’s travel program. Our suite of user-friendly and intuitive reporting systems can help you gain powerful insights into your company’s travel expenditure, policy compliance, budgeting, and purchasing decisions. To learn more, please fill the contact form at the bottom of the page to register for a free demonstration.

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Zoe Blain

Marketing Coordinator , 1000 Mile travel Group

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