Current Advice

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is a flu-like virus. Like the flu, it can have a significant impact on people who contract it, particularly the elderly or those who have a compromised immune system (such as newborns and infants). The Australian Government has activated its emergency response plan to an impending coronavirus pandemic. Smartraveller travel advice to DO NOT TRAVEL.  The Biosecurity ban on travel has been extended to 17 June 2021.

  • All overseas travel is currently banned, with few exceptions. If you’re overseas and want to return, we suggest you make contact with your Travel Expert who can assist with navigating the international arrival caps and provide expert advice. 
  • We acknowledge it may be necessary for some of you to stay where you are longer than you might have planned. Stay safe and follow the advice of local authorities and register with the Australian Embassy.

Please download the Australian Government Department of Health Coronavirus COVID-19 FAQ fact-sheet above.

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