Meet the future face of business travel – Travelport Locomote. Developed in Melbourne by two entrepreneurial cousins, Ross and David Fastuca, Travelport Locomote is an online platform that simplifies booking and approval processes for business travellers. While similar tools exist for leisure, the corporate side of the industry has been lacking a cohesive solution for quickly booking and amending travel. Travelport Locomote allows agents to take care of the basics involved in planning, booking and approving travel all in the one program.

We are excited to announce that we are one of the first agencies in Australia to get access to this revolutionary up-and-coming program, which is owned by Travelport – one of the largest travel technology firms on the globe. While some travel agencies are resisting the push towards automation, at 1000 Mile we are excited to embrace it. We recognise that simplifying booking processes can only mean savings – in both time and money – to pass onto our clients.

Being able to manage the basics of corporate bookings at the click of a button, and around the clock, means that our experts are able to put more time into providing personalised travel support and ensuring their clients’ individual needs are met as efficiently as possible.

We are excited to be at the forefront of travel technology and see how Travelport Locomote will revolutionise the way Australia approaches corporate travel in the future.