We are proud to announce that 1000 Mile Travel Group are one of the first travel management companies in Australia to officially partner with corporate travel technology platform Travelport Locomote.

Developed in Melbourne by Ross and David Fastuca, Travelport Locomote is an online platform that simplifies booking and approval processes for corporate travel. While similar tools exist for leisure trips, the corporate sector of the industry had been lacking a platform for approving and managing bookings in one central location.

Travelport Locomote has a customisable workflow to suit the unique travel needs of different business models and offers a wide range of features for both our Experts and their clients. With new modules added monthly, Locomote’s features range from application lodgement and approval to budget management, international visas, supporting documents and preferred seating.

Thanks to this partnership, our Travel Experts are now able to manage the basics of corporate bookings around the clock and at the click of a button. This means that our Experts can put more time into providing personalised travel support and ensuring their clients’ individual needs are met as efficiently as possible

While some travel agencies are resisting the push towards automation, at 1000 Mile we are excited to embrace it. We recognise that simplifying booking processes can only mean savings – in both time and money – to pass onto our clients.

Of the partnership, which was officially announced late September, co-founder of 1000 Mile, Ben Ross said: “By partnering with Travelport Locomote, 1000 Mile is able to offer our clients the best combination of traveller support, booking efficiency and dollar value available in the market.”

Sandra McLeod, CEO of Travelport Locomote, said: “To join forces with a local TMC such as 1000 Mile is a great opportunity for Travelport Locomote to grow its local customer network, and share our innovative capabilities with more Australian businesses.”

Here at 1000 Mile we are excited to stand beside Travelport Locomote as they continue to evolve and redefine the face of corporate travel technology.