What do you love about working at 1000 Mile?
I love the option to work remotely. It saves me an hour commute each way and I get to spend more hours at home with my family. I also enjoy the day I come into HQ to work– it’s always great to catch up and be around my team once a week.

What made you decide to jump into the travel industry and why?
After living and working in the UK and Scotland, and travelling on and off for 2 years, I came home and wanted to share my travel adventures with others.

What is your favourite travel memory?
My honeymoon on Royal Davui Island, Fiji. We upgraded ourselves to business class on the flights and then stayed on the island for 5 days of pure luxury.

What has been your most challenging travel memory?
It would have to be the time I spent travelling around Europe. There were no mobile phones or Facebook and email was just starting to become a part of everyday life. Trying to catch up with other travellers was always a bit tricky. I remember waiting for a tour to start in Dublin – only to realise an hour later I was in the wrong spot. They couldn’t contact me so I had to find my own way to their bus (which was now on route to the next town). These days travellers are so much more contactable and connected.

What’s your favourite airline to travel with and why?
I enjoy flying with Virgin. I haven’t done a lot of international travel in the last few years as my children are still very young. For domestic trips Virgin have been great and the in-flight entertainment app keeps the kids happy, which always makes for a pleasant journey.

What’s your favourite travel perk working as a travel agent?
Occasionally being upgraded by airlines or hotels. When it happens its great and it’s always nice to be acknowledged by your industry partners.

What’s next on your travel bucket list?
I would love the opportunity to travel on Safari in Africa. It would be a great experience for my children as well to see animals in their natural habitat.