What do you love about working at 1000 Mile?
The experience level of my colleagues – it makes for a lot of insightful and interesting travel-related conversations.

What made you decide to jump into the travel industry and why?
Simple – I knew I loved travelling and listening to others speak about their trips. It was therefore a no brainer to continue doing this while getting paid!

What is your favourite travel memory?
Going to the most delicious sushi-train (or kaiten-zushi in Japanese) in Asakusa and leaving full for only 1000 Yen (about AUD$12).

What excites you most about your new NSW Sales and Partnerships Manager role?
The variety! My role involves attracting experienced and professional Travel Experts to 1000 Mile while also building our brand presence and customer base in NSW. This means that one day I’m speaking with potential clients or consultants from the comfort of my home office (with my uggies on of course) and the next I’m in the CBD meeting a supplier.

What’s next on your travel bucket list?
Can a bucket list include places you’ve already been to? If so, the answer would have to be Tasmania. Nothing beats the serenity, scenery and fresh, tasty food!