What do you love about working with 1000 Mile?

Charlie: Flexible working hours, the freedom to work wherever I like and the amazing opportunity to have a great job share partner (Jamie) to build a great client base with.

Jamie: I love that I can operate as a home-based mobile travel agent and still have all the support I receive from 1000 Mile! I love working alongside my amazing job share partner. I love that I can book a trip away whenever a sale fare pops up and don’t have to ask anyone’s permission. I love my work life balance and am kicking myself that I didn’t make the move years ago!

What made you decide to jump into the travel industry and why?

Charlie: I was 17 and had a huge interest in Travel, so I persuaded a local agency to give me a go with no experience. The best part of the travel industry is that no two bookings are the same and no two days are the same. It’s a world of never ending opportunities – lots of perks and great memories

Jamie: For as long as I can remember I have lived, eaten and breathed all things travel and tourism. At the age of five I was addicted to the TV show Getaway and knew from that time that my life was going to revolve around travel. My wanderlust and need for adventure has only grown more with each passing year into the addiction it is today.

What is your favourite travel memory?

Charlie: Gallipoli in Turkey is certainly a magical place to visit. But you can’t beat the romance that Santorini in Greece has to offer.

Jamie: I have so many!!! From swimming with the Manta-rays in the Maldives, dog sledding through Banff National Park in minus-25 degrees temperatures, driving our own speedboats through the mangroves in Cancun and white water rafting in Bali to quad biking through the famous Jurassic Park mountain scene in the North Shore of Oahu (Just to name a few)!

What has been your most challenging travel memory?

Charlie: I started as a Travel Consultant four months prior to September 11 and a week later Ansett went into receivership. With this, and many other natural disasters, I have seen a lot of change and challenges within the Travel Industry. You never know what is going to happen next.

Jamie: I find every cyclone pretty challenging. It’s a mad rush to quickly hold any available seats you can for your clients before they all get snapped up within seconds.

What’s your favourite airline to travel with and why?

Charlie: Etihad Business Class has been my most comfortable journey, but I would love to fly business, if not first, on Emirates.

Jamie: I absolutely love Air New Zealand. I love their super friendly service and the fact that even people travelling in economy can feel special with their “sky couch” option on some long-haul flights.

What’s your favourite perk working as a travel agent?

Charlie: To be able to tell my clients about either my own experience or sharing the experiences of other clients. I love it when my clients come home and tell me their travel stories and being able to pass these on. Knowing that I am able to make clients’ dreams come alive is important to me.

Jamie: My favourite perk would have to be the part that most people hate about travelling. For me, I love planning and co-ordinating everything to give my client a seamless travel experience. I love that I get to feel like I am booking and planning my own special trip each time I speak to my clients. Plus, the famils aren’t too bad! =)

What’s next on your travel bucket list?

Charlie: Rovaniemi in Finland. I want to take my kids to the Santa Claus Village before they get too old to stop believing.

Jamie: I am dying to do a South America trip! The Amazon has been at the top of my list for as long as I can remember.