What made you decide to jump into the travel industry and why?
I had a keen interest for travelling from a young age and I was lucky enough to travel quite a bit in my 20s. However, it wasn’t until I moved from Sydney to Melbourne about 10 years ago that I actually started a career in the travel industry. It was a perfect fit! It has allowed me to learn about different destinations and cultures, meet new people and of course be invited on educational trips to experience a product first hand.

What is your favourite travel memory?
Machu Pichu, Peru. This is one place that sticks with you and I am so glad I have been able to experience this amazing place!

What has been your most challenging travel memory?
Peru! While it provided one of my favourite travel memories it was also such a big step out of my comfort zone, particularly the couple of nights spent in the Amazon Jungle. 

What’s your favourite airline to travel with and why?
Qantas! While there are definitely other awesome airlines to travel with, I love stepping onto a Qantas plane after being away from home for long periods of time.

What’s your favourite travel perk working as a travel agent?
The travel industry is so exciting and changing! I learn something new every day – whether it’s to do with airlines, new hotels or different cultures and experiences. I love being a part of my clients’ holiday plans and helping their dreams come true! 

What’s next on your travel bucket list?
The Northern Lights!! I want to take my family to stay in a glass Igloo in Finland.